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Student Care

While we aim for all students to achieve academic success, our priority is to help you take care of your physical and mental well-being so that you can happily complete you A Level studies. We provide all our students with academic support and ensure we care for their wellbeing throughout their time in the Sixth Form. 

Sixth Form Pastoral Team

Assistant Headteacher (Head of Sixth Form) Miss A Butler
Year 13 Team  
Head of Year 13 Mrs P Rai
Assistant Head of Year 13 Mr B Shelly
13NEP1 Mr J Clark / Mrs E Downie
13SAT1  Miss S Sridhar
13MAR1  Dr R Evans
13JUP1 Mrs A Jack / Mrs C Fitzgerald
13JUP2 Mr T Hussein  
13MAR2 Mr A Vogt / Miss F Ozserik 
13SAT1 Mrs B Beaven
13NEP2 Mrs D Nechat 
Year 12 Team  
Head of Year 12 (Acting) Mrs A Orton 
Assistant Head of Year 12 TBC
12NEP1 Mr J White
12SAT1 Mr G Pawar
12MAR1 Mr I Barron
12JUP1 Mr D Hall
12JUP2 Mrs J Thornton / Dr A Clayton
12MAR2 Ms H Smith
12SAT2 Mrs C Martin
12NEP2 Mrs L Briere / Mr R Mahajan
12SAT3 Mrs J Reynolds 

If you would like to contact any of the staff listed via email you must use their surname followed by the first letter of their forename and add

For example, Mr J Smith's email would be


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