Mill hill 061

Staff Contact List

Our staff email addresses are constructed by placing the staff surname first, followed by their initial, with no gap, and then

For example the email address for Mr W Patel would be:


Mr A Stainton - Headteacher

Mr S Booth - Deputy Headteacher

Ms N Davis - Deputy Headteacher

Mr D Edwards - Deputy Headteacher

Ms C Bernard - Assistant Headteacher

Ms A Butler - Assistant Headteacher

Miss K Mordue - Assistant Headteacher

Mr K Payne - Assistant Headteacher

Ms M Raskovic - Business and Finance Director

Ms E Da Silva - Head of Analytics



Mrs C Fitzgerald

Ms J Hughes

Ms H Jacobs

Mr S Gazzard

Business & Economics

Mr S Berkkun

Miss Riaz

Mr D Edwards

Mr R Mahajan

Mr X Pireci

Computer Science

Mr J Mathias

Mr E Kelly

Mrs J Reynolds

Dance & Drama

Mrs M Wong

Mrs J Hylton

Mrs C Martin

Miss A Habenicht

Mx C Figarazzi

Design & Technology

Ms F Grace

Mr I Barron

Mrs A Jack

Miss E Hutton


Miss L Rix

Mrs C Ingram

Miss Z Khalil

Ms N Davis

Mrs A Orton

Miss A Michael

Miss M Ayhan

Mr R Taylor

Miss A Stellato

Mrs R O'Reilly

Ms J Block

Ms C Jayne

Ms T Singh


Ms H Smith

Ms M Whyte

Ms A Butler

Miss L Kyriacou

Miss E Downie

Miss M Duchen


Ms K Mordue

Miss L Unwin

Mr A Harvie

Mrs T Hussain

Miss H Sumner


Inclusive Learning Team

Ms C Jeffries

Mrs C Segal

Ms C Daniels

Ms L Aggio

Mrs K Campbell

Ms J Cela

Mrs M Clarke-Allera

Mrs Q Zhang

Ms S Harrison

Mrs T Lay

Ms E Madden

Ms C Palmer

Ms A Pope

Mrs M Lahkar

Mrs E Smith

Miss L Manning

Mr E Wohner

Mrs T Unalkat

Mrs A Welton

Mrs K Winward

Ms G Wooldridge

Miss M Humed

Mr K Price

Miss M Lopes de Souza

Miss A Rossney

Mrs M Kud

Ms L Hughes

Mr J Moynihan – SEMH Mentor


Miss J Gordon

Mr A Beeharee

Miss M Calderon

Mr A Vogt

Mrs L Briere

Ms. M Dufour

Ms S Sythes

Ms A Meyer

Ms K Zouie


Mr T Hussein

Mrs B Beaven

Miss A Gregoriou

Mr R Evans

Mr D Hall

Mr T Yatsunami

Mrs D Nechat

Mrs J Reynolds

Mr B Shah

Ms I Thompson

Ms R Selva



Mr R Gillett

Ms L McMahon


Ms L Aron

Mr M Vella

Mr T Hee

Physical Education

Mr J Bell

Mr K Payne

Mrs R van Oosterom

Mr B Shelley

Mrs N Donghi

Mr S Booth

Mrs C Bernard

Miss E Tibbs


Ms A Whitten

Miss M Said

Miss F Ozserik

Religious Studies

Ms C Brown

Mr A Stainton

Miss E Halperin


Mr N Allen

Dr N Modha

Mr R Walsh

Dr A Clayton

Mr J White

Ms A Pindola

Mrs K Patel

Miss L Abdalla

Ms P Rai

Mr M Singer

Miss S Sridhar

Miss N Singh

Mr G Pawar


Mrs J Thornton

Miss F Ozserik


Amanda Leonard - PA to the Headteacher/HR Manager

Sue Brown - Assistant PA 

Kim Chapman - Office Manager/Senior Finance Officer

Sabina Mallo - Admissions Officer

Tina Ayazzy-Shamloo - Finance Assistant

Natasha Mowatt - Careers Leader

Janet Luxford - Welfare Officer

Amanda Korc - Welfare Officer

Harry Palmer - Data Officer

Catherine Van Praagh - Administration Officer - Behaviour

Marina Michael - Administration /Finance Officer

Sian Griffiths - Part-Time Administration Assistant

Natisha Williams-Samuels - Sixth Form Administrator and Student Services

Vanessa Farrell - Sixth Form Mentor

Rosalind Mcbain - Sixth Form Mentor 

Sonja Primorac - Attendance Officer

Susanna Yabsley - Receptionist Monday - Wednesday

Angli Alizadeh - Receptionist Thursday – Friday

Lucy Abbotts - Music Administrator

Claire Segal - Inclusion Administrator

Tulin Williams - Cover Manager

James Peters - Cover Supervisor

Sylwia Szado - Cover Supervisor

Narges Ebrahimpour-Azizi - Cover Supervisor

Pankajkumar Kanani - ICT Manager

Brijesh Patel - ICT Technician

Adib Adnan - ICT Technician

Sue Doyle - Design and Technology Technician

Ria Robinson - Art & Media Technician

Shehla Rehman - Science Technician (Lead)

Nivedita Patel - Science Technician

Kay Wilson - Science Technician

Komal Depala - Science Technician

Ulfat Zargar - Science Technician

Steve Dunford - Premises Manager

John Leonard - Premises Supervisor

Tracy Green - Premises Assistant

Craig Newton - Premises Assistant

Geoff Bargery - Premises Assistant

John Warburton - Librarian

Mary Khan - Library Technician

Vasanti Hirani - Exams Officer