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Curriculum Overview

At Mill Hill County High School we intend our students to become successful life-long learners who leave us as confident, well-rounded and happy young people ready and excited about their next challenge in education or chosen career.

Broad and balanced building blocks

Our fundamental belief is that all students are entitled to a broad, balanced and rigorous curriculum. We are firm believers in a three-year Key Stage 3 curriculum that provides engaging learning experiences across a wide range of subjects. Students will acquire the building blocks of knowledge and conceptual understanding in each subject to provide an effective foundation for the next Key Stage. We want students to develop and increasingly master the skills needed for academic and personal success. Opportunities to do this are systematically built into the curriculum as appropriate. Departments carefully plan their curriculum backwards to ensure progression and coherence between the different Key Stages

Year group curriculum maps for each subject can be viewed on the school website:


Enthusiastic, engaged and resilient learners

We foster independent, aspirational and inquisitive learners, harnessing and sustaining the enthusiasm of our Year 7 students ensuring that this positive attitude to learning is embedded and developed throughout their time in the school. We are explicit about the characteristics and habits needed to be a successful learner and we reinforce these in and outside of the classroom. Students receive regular and meaningful feedback to engender rapid progress with their learning. Students are taught that they can continually enhance their knowledge, abilities and competence through effort and practice, view challenges as learning opportunities and see difficulties as essential stepping stones on the road to success.

An academic curriculum

We are an academic school providing a traditional education whilst developing the whole individual. Subject leaders are experts in their discipline who have carefully planned their curriculum to stretch and challenge all students. Our broad Key Stage 3 curriculum effectively prepares students for the rigours of GCSE and A Level courses. Our students will be academically successful and the majority will leave us to study at the best universities in the country or to follow other aspirational pathways.

Our enrichment curriculum

We strongly believe that learning, opportunity and accomplishment are not confined to the classroom. Our broad enrichment programme provides students with opportunities to be successful in areas within, and outside of, academia and enables them to discover and develop new talents and interests. Our expectation is that every student will participate in enrichment activities developing their skills and confidence beyond the classroom and ensuring that they have a fully rounded appreciation of the world around them. Resilience, leadership, commitment, teamwork, creativity, communication, tolerance and self-awareness are nurtured and celebrated. These positive experiences ensure that our students continue to embrace opportunities beyond our school community.

Catch Up Fund

Children and young people across the county have experienced unprecedented disruption to their education as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19). Please read our Catch Up fund summary to find out more about how we intend to spend the associated Catch Up funding provided by the government.

Catch Up Fund Summary

Catch Up Fund Update