Sixth Form Dress Code

We have no formal uniform. We know that clothing can be a powerful means of expression and are proud of our students’ individuality. However, we do ask that students wear clothing that is appropriate for a school, learning environment. Therefore, the following is not permitted:

Offensive language/images

Underwear on show

Visible midriffs

See through or strapless

Cycling shorts

Short shorts/skirts/dresses

Heavily ripped jeans

Coats on in lessons

No outdoor headwear such as caps, hats or hoods should be worn inside the building. Headwear may be worn for religious, medical or cultural purposes but must be in neutral colours of black, dark blue, grey or white. The dress code is currently under review and any changes, following the review, will not affect our Year 13 or new Year 12 students.

The dress code fits with the philosophy of the sixth form and the school as it demonstrates to pre-16 students the expectations regarding responsibility and maturity we have of sixth form students. We trust their ability to act appropriately and this philosophy forms an important part of the attraction for students to be in the sixth form. Students must also wear their student ID at all times whilst on the school site so that they can be identified as a sixth form student.