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We believe that all pupils can be successful in an environment which is caring, optimistic, encouraging and stretching. Mill Hill County High School is an inclusive school that supports students and enables their success, the development of their character and their wellbeing. Our students know that they are valued as individuals with unique strengths and potential.

Pastoral care at the school is designed to promote harmony within the school community and ensure that students have a platform from which to aim higher and achieve excellence. Our supportive environment means that, by the time they leave school, our students are intellectually curious and emotionally intelligent thinkers who are eager to engage with the world around them.

The promotion of a tolerant, resilient and caring community lies at the core of our School. Our students know they have a voice that is listened to by teachers and fellow students. There are numerous opportunities for students to become involved in the daily life of the school helping to engender leadership and cooperation.

The pastoral system operates on a year group basis with a Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year responsible for the day-to-day management of their students. Form tutors play a vital role in supporting and encouraging students in all their endeavours.

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