Trampolining Success

Blog Header Image Celebrating Success - 9th May 2022

On the 28th November 2021, a large group of extremely talented athletes from the squad competed in the London Schools’ Trampolining Competition. The competition took place in Chessington and despite many nerves and worries, the athletes took home many awards and successes to be proud of. On a sunny Sunday morning, the school’s trampolining squad took part in an intense and exciting six hours of showcasing talent and skill. The competition was divided into three categories, Novice, Intermediate and Elite, which were decided on based on ability and age. The students had time to warm-up and then compete with two routines, one with moves selected by British Gymnastics and the other being a voluntary one designed to show the students’ greatest assets and most arduous skills that carried the highest tariff. Trophies were given to winners for two different reasons; if they managed to place on the podium alone, or that their team accumulated enough points to place on the podium, whilst competing with other teams of other students in other schools. Any of these wins allowed the students to follow through into the next round and compete in a more difficult competition with many more schools.


A selective group of athletes secured their position in the next round by winning a trophy in this round of the competition. On Sunday 30th January, the students travelled to Taunton, Somerset to compete in the South of England Championships which were harder, yet simultaneously more exciting. They once again competed with two intensive routines and the competition was also divided into the same categories as before. It was extremely fun and the anticipation rose instantly as everyone began performing. All competed brilliantly and a group of 4 boys in our squad managed to secure a place on the podium, which allows them to partake in the National competition, meaning they will have to compete against many top performers from other schools in the country. We know they will do amazingly! Additionally, we are preparing for Barnet Championships which shall take place quickly after the Easter Holidays and will allow students to, once again, showcase their skills and show their incredible talent.

By Olivia Dominiak