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Mentoring Hub

The Mentoring Hub, led by Behaviour and Interventions Manager Cathy Daniels, is comprised of a small team of behaviour and inclusion specialists who offer academic, behavioural and emotional mentoring.

Students are referred into the Mentoring Hub by Heads of Year for a range of reasons that may include concerns about their academic progress or wellbeing. The mentors then work closely with the pastoral team, classroom teachers, parents and external agencies to help students address the underlying issues that may have led to the behaviours which have prompted the referral.

Most interventions are short, lasting six to eight weeks, before being reviewed to assess their impact. However, other mentoring arrangements can last throughout a student’s time at the school or consist of a one-off session following an incident that requires follow-up.

The Mentoring Hub also provides a calm, safe, space for students who may be experiencing difficulties during the school day and need a short period of time away from the classroom. The learning environment within the Mentoring Hub allows them to regulate their emotions and prepare to return to lessons.

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