Independent Study

Mill Hill County Sixth Form is a highly academic environment that requires students to be critical thinkers who are inquisitive and independent. We encourage students to choose A-level subjects that they enjoy and are curious about. Hence, completing independent study outside of lessons should not be a chore, rather an activity that students want to undertake. Students are expected to complete a minimum of 5 hours of academic, independent study per subject, per week, outside of lessons to achieve their best. It is our experience that those students who undertake between 5-10 hours of additional study per subject per week make the most progress in the Sixth Form. Students are welcome to use the bespoke Sixth Form spaces in school, for example the Sixth Form Silent Study Area and the Library to conduct their independent study under supervision.

To support students in how best to use their directed study periods and what to study independently, we have developed the following resources and guidelines for each A-level subject:


Sixth Form Independent Study Clocks


Sixth Form Subject Expectations of Independent Study