Key Note Speaker, Melanie Stocker, Vice President for Technology at Burberry

Blog Header Image School News - 14th Jul 2022

On July 14th, the Computer Science and Technology Society organised for a keynote speaker to speak to a group of sixth formers about career prospects. Melanie Stocker is the Vice President for Technology across the product and supply chain at Burberry, and she gave a captivating presentation regarding her current and past work. Melanie also spoke in depth about her advocacy of diversity & inclusion, and wellbeing in the workplace, which she is taking great strides towards in her own company.

It was quite inspirational to hear about her continued progress and drive for it, and overall, it was refreshing listening to her speak because she was so genuinely passionate about the things she does in her job role and outside of it. It was all the more appreciated because Melanie came into the tech industry though her studies and experience are in business, demonstrating that there are no boundaries to a fulfilling career (especially in tech!) and you don’t need to have worked out everything you want in life before you’ve even finished school.

By Emily Carlton