National Careers Challenge


This term, the Year 7 cohort took part in the National Careers Challenge, which is the UK’s largest careers and enterprise competition. Students were required to work in teams to create a brand-new product that uses recycled Air Products gas cylinders and tanks. These containers have a working life of just 20 years. After this period, because of British regulations, these cylinders and tanks currently become redundant and could be put to better use. During the day, students also identified a range of current environmental issues and created a potential new use for the cylinders which could help to address one of these issues. Students created a brand identity for their new product and had to consider how they would market and sell their new product. The day cumulated in a selection of teams presenting their innovative ideas in front of a judging panel and their peer group.

The overall winners were: Gjin, Nisarg, Elia, Nandika, Daniel in 7DAR (pictured below).

This group produced a novel idea to create water filters from the disused gas canisters, with the view to reducing water-borne diseases in the developing world. The students reflected that they thoroughly enjoyed the experience and had developed their communication, teamwork, presentation, and entrepreneurial skills. We were particularly impressed with how the students worked together to incorporate the different ideas and views of every member of the group and that they all had a significant role to play in the planning, implementation, and presentation part of the process.

Look out Alan Sugar, we have a highly competent and aspirational group of entrepreneurs in our midst!