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Physical Education


The PE Department aims to foster an enthusiasm towards a lifelong involvement in physical activity and subsequently a healthy, active lifestyle. We share a belief that Physical Education is essential for all students to help them to learn about themselves, improve confidence and self-worth, whilst also developing resilience. Within PE lessons we constantly strive to stretch and challenge all of our students, so that performers are able to flourish in competitive situations, whilst also valuing the opportunities sport provides to develop physically, mentally and socially.

There is a high emphasis placed on extra-curricular activity in the PE department and we offer an extensive range of opportunities for students of all levels and interests. As a school we enter teams into competitions we feel that will suitably challenge them, whilst also offering an opportunity to potentially achieve success. Typically students will have an opportunity to represent the school in the London borough of Barnet competitions, Middlesex county competitions and also National competitions.

The PE department benefits from teaching in some very good onsite facilities which include; two football pitches, one rugby pitch and three playgrounds with five netball courts, three basketball courts and a 5 a-side football pitch. In the summer term, the school field has a six lane 300m track, a throwing field with discus, javelin, shot, long jump, three rounders pitches, one softball pitch, four cricket nets and an all-weather cricket strip. There are also three tennis courts on the playgrounds. In terms of indoor space we also possess a Gymnasium and a Sports Hall, each containing one badminton court and markings, with posts for basketball, volleyball and netball.

Our Key stage 3 curriculum is broad and balanced, offering great opportunities for developing a range of skills in a wide range of activities. Throughout Key Stage 3, students will have enjoy the opportunity to develop in a range of activities, including Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Football, Gymnastics, Handball, Netball, Rounders, Rugby, Swimming, Tennis and Trampolining. We will always strive to develop each student’s competence and confidence through our high-quality PE curriculum, providing all students the chance to enjoy and succeed in many kinds of physical activity. We are hopeful that the Key Stage 3 curriculum allows students to develop a deep understanding and knowledge of a range of sports and apply this knowledge to help improve practical performance.

Learning is arranged in set ability groups, allowing all students to work in a suitably challenging environment which further supports their learning. As such teaching can therefore focus on the specific needs and ability of each group to help maximise student potential.

“From the moment I lace up my boots in football, pad up in cricket, put my gum shield in for rugby or pick up my tennis racket, all my worries and troubles disappear. These feelings are replaced with those of happiness and pride at representing my school to the best of my ability.” (James)

“I love taking part in sport at Mill Hill County High School, the challenges it presents me inspire me to perform to the best of my ability. I’ve been privileged to be captain of the netball team this year and that has increased my confidence and desire to win”. (Ebunolulwa)

“I like sport at Mill Hill County High School as it allows me to express myself in a way words never could, it boasts my confidence and makes me happy, it has taught me to get back up after falling down. Previously I’ve felt quite self-conscious and vulnerable but now when I'm being active in PE, I feel like nothing can stop me and that there are no limits!” (Jessica)

“I love PE, because it is the only subject in school which keeps you active and healthy. Additionally PE helps me develop my cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance and speed. During PE I love the opportunity to challenge myself in drills and mini-games with my friends.” (Takehiro)

In Key Stage 4 students have the option to take GCSE PE as well as follow a core PE pathway. The GCSE PE students who opt to follow the AQA course have eight hours a fortnight split between theory and practical lessons.

During the GCSE course students are assessed based upon the following objectives:

  1. Their ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of factors that underpin performance and involvement in physical activity (25%)
  2. Their ability to apply knowledge and understanding of factors that underpin performance and involvement in physical activity and sport (25%)
  3. Their ability to analyse and evaluate factors that underpin performance and involvement in physical activity and sport (15%)
  4. Their ability to demonstrate and apply relevant skills and techniques in physical activity and sport (30%).

The theoretical content for the course is split into two papers, with Paper 1 focusing on applied anatomy and physiology, movement analysis and physical training, with Paper 2 assessing knowledge of students understanding of sports psychology, socio-cultural influences on sport and also health, fitness and well-being.

For the practical performance students are assessed in three different activities. Each activity is assessed out of 25, 10 marks are awarded for skills whilst 15 marks are awarded for performance in full context (e.g. a game in rugby or netball, or a trampolining routine). One assessment must be in a team sport or activity, one assessment must be in an individual sport or activity, whilst the third can be from either.

For those students not studying GCSE PE, they can enjoy three hours of PE a fortnight. During this time the girls focus on developing their leadership skills across a range of sports, culminating in the option to complete a Level one in Sports Leadership. Whilst the boys have the opportunity to further refine their skills in some sports, whilst also developing their knowledge and understanding of the laws of various different games.

“Studying GCSE PE has been incredibly insightful, not only has it furthered my understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the body, it has also increased my knowledge of sport and improved my desire to perform at my maximum.” (Sophia)