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“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” (Nelson Mandela)

Languages are considered an important part of our students’ education at Mill Hill County High School and the Modern Foreign Languages Department continues to enthuse and engage young linguists with vibrant and energetic lessons.

In Year 7 and Year 8 all students study French and German. The majority of students choose their GCSE language in Year 9 ( French, German or Spanish) and continue studying this language through to the end of Year 11. Students may opt to start a second GCSE language at the beginning of Year 10. Please note, all language options are subject to student numbers. The three languages are all offered at A level, which continues to develop the language skills acquired at KS3 and GCSE, enriching students’ knowledge of French, German and Spanish culture as well as extending their knowledge of social and political issues.

“61% of non-exporters said they considered a lack of language skills a barrier to trading internationally.” (British Chambers of Commerce, International Trade Business Survey 2012).

All students in Years 8-10 studying German are offered a chance to go on the German exchange, which has run successfully for 29 years. The school has very strong links with its partner school. Students are immersed in German culture and family life, and language learning is brought to life.

The Spanish Exchange which has run for the last two years, is offered to student’s studying Spanish in Years 9 and 10. Again, we have a very strong link with our partner school, and students enjoy a fully Spanish experience for one week. Students are also encouraged to participate in other trips that are offered in the French department.

Students are entered for AQA GCSE and A level examinations, which all have an emphasis on developing the five skills of listening, reading, translating, speaking and writing in the target language. Grammar plays a crucial part in students’ lessons as well as European culture.

The study at A Level of any language complements any other subject chosen in KS5 as it provides abundant as well as significant transferable skills, such as communication, forming a logical argument and understanding foreign cultures at a deep level.

“UK desperately needs more, not fewer, internationally minded citizens who are competent in languages other than English.” Dr Heather Inwood, Lecturer at Cambridge University.

At Mill Hill County High School the Languages Department has proved to be very successful over the years, due to combining dedicated, enthusiastic staff with a good quality curriculum and exceptional teaching methods. Our aim is to encourage students to learn at least one foreign language in an enjoyable and relevant way to help them prepare for a multilingual future.