Mill hill 043

Dance and Drama


All students at Key Stage 3 are taught Dance and Drama with one lesson for each discipline every two weeks. Emphasis is placed on developing the students’ ability to concentrate, work co-operatively in a group situation and to develop confidence. Students study a wide range of topics including Matilda, Melodrama, Injustice and Shakespeare. Topics are explored through the work of Drama practitioners such as Brecht and choreographers and dance companies such as, Akram Khan, The Ballet Boys, Boy Blue Entertainment and Rambert. Students work in a mostly practical way, with theory work and appreciation tasks set for homework.

GCSE Drama

Drama is offered as a separate GCSE courses at KS4. The Drama course concentrates on the development of acting skills and the analysis of performance work. Students are assessed partly through written portfolios, and through practical contributions both in the classroom and an externally assessed written exam

GCSE Dance

The GCSE Dance course is largely practical, with students assessed on solo or group choreography pieces, as well as a performance in a duet or trio, and two set phrases dance exam. Students also study the theory of dance through the analysis of six set professional works, ranging in content from Street dance, to Ballet to Contemporary dance.

Students studying these subjects will have the opportunity to participate in a number of theatre and dance trips and extracurricular clubs and workshops.