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Mock Exams Timetables January 2015

Whilst it is our intention to accommodate students in the rooms shown on the timetable it may sometimes be necessary to use alternative rooms.  Final seating plans will be displayed in the foyer outside the main hall before each exam.

Exam Timetables 2015

 The exam season runs from 15 May - 24 June.
Listed below is a Skeleton Timetable taken from preliminary exam entries.  Students will receive a personal timetable for checking in the new year.  A final timetable will be issued to all students by the end of February.  No date is shown for coursework, controlled assessments, practical, oral and speaking/listening exams as this is set by the subject teacher who will inform the students nearer the time.
Also listed below are the exam board timetables which show detailed information for exams.

Exams Information Booklet 2015

All students are issued a copy of the Information Booklet with their Exam Timetable before the Easter break.  Additional copies are available from the Exams Office and Reception, please have your son/daughter collect one.  We are not able to send these out due to the high cost of postage.


Community Languages 2015

Copies of the information listed below is available from the Exams Office.  We will also accept a completed application form sent from the student's school email account in place of a signature.  The student must then bring the payment to the Exams Office.  The application form will only be processed upon receipt of the payment.  The deadline for submitting the application is Tuesday 6 January 2015.

If an exam is purely paper-based with no controlled assessment, speaking/listening elements the exam will be sat at Mill Hill County High School.  Students should collect a Private Entry Request form from the Exams Office. This makes it easier to manage exam clashes to the student's exam timetable and unnecessary travelling to Hendon School.

Community Languages Flyer
Community Languages Information Document
Community Languages Application Form


Exam Re-Sits

External Students
Unfortunately we cannot accept applications from private external students, we can only accommodate students who have left MHCHS the previous academic year and want to return to re-sit exams the following summer.
Listed below is the unit availability list and request form. Please note that we can only offer paper-based, sit down exam re-sits therefore you will need to refer to your Statement of Results from last summer.  A copy of your Statement of Entry is available on request for a fee of £1.  As this is a secure document it will have to be collected from school and will only be handed over upon production of suitable photo ID (Oyster card, driving licence, passport etc.)  We are not able to offer any practical, oral, speaking/listening, coursework or controlled assessment units.  The school levies an admin fee of £70 per unit in addition to the exam fee on the listing. 
Request forms are available from the Exams Office.  Completed request forms can be email and followed up with the payment however the request form will not be processed until payment is received and approval is granted from Mr Edwards, Deputy Head.  No responsibility can be accepted for any loss of money and/or missed deadlines if you post your request form and payment, leave it with any other member of school staff, Security or Reception.  An email acknowledgement will be sent upon receipt of postal applications but we cannot spare the time to investigate losses.  A list of pre-registered External Students has been left with the Security Guard but students will have to present acceptable photo ID (driving license, Oyster Card, Passport etc) to be allowed onto the school site. New students should send me an email in the first instance so that access to the school site can be arranged.  Upon arrival report to reception and ask for Mrs Fontivero, please avoid the lunch break 12:30pm-2:00pm.   Under no circumstances should students make their own way around the school and they most certainly must not disturb any teachers during lesson time or seek out friends.  If students want an appointment with a teacher please email admin@mhchs.org.uk and mark the subject line with the name of the Teacher and your email will be passed on.

Study and exam entry is completely independent, it is the student's responsibility to ensure they have prepared adequately to sit the exam and they have researched any certification (cash-in) rules for their exams. Exam boards no longer allow for late certification therefore if you do not certificate before results are issued you will have banked units that cannot be traded.

The school cannot offer students any teacher assistance, access to the library or Sixth Form Study area. Additionally there is no post results advice from teachers either.  If you do decide to re-sit Mr Barron can process your references for UCAS. In the first instance please email Mr Barron with your details.barroni@mhchs.org.uk Do not attempt to see him or any other teacher without an appointment.

GCE Summer 2015 Re-sit Units and Prices
Re-sit Form 2015
GCSE English Re-sit Form 2015
GCSE Maths Re-sit Form 2015


Exam Certificates

Exam certificates for exams sat in the Summer 2014 are available for collection.  Current students can collect their certificates on any school day between 3:15 and 4:00pm.  You will need to present photo ID.

If you have not collected your certificates for past exams please note that the school is no longer required to store these indefinitely on your behalf.  The Exam Boards’ requirement is that we hold certificates for a year.  As a gesture of good will the school will extend this to two years.  Certificates for exams taken up to and including the summer of 2011 have now been destroyed.

If are you are no longer a student of the school please send Mrs Fontivero an email containing your full name, DOB and the year you last sat exams so that we can check our archives.  Please allow at least 10 days.  Once your certificates have been located you will be notified by email and your certificates placed on reception for you to collect.  You will need to present photo ID.

All certificate collections must be signed for by the recipient.  If you are unable to attend in person you can nominate a third party to do so on your behalf; please email Mrs Fontivero with your third party details.  You will be sent a confirmation email which you must pass on to your third party to present together personal photo ID when collecting the certificates.  Additionally ex-students must email reception with the date they intend to come in so that access to the school can be arranged.



If you have lost your certificates or did not collect them and they have now been destroyed you will have to contact the individual exam boards for copies (AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC).  The school can let you have a statement of results printed on school note paper.  This service carries an administration fee of £10, but please note the school’s records only go back to the summer of 2003.  Please email Mrs Fontivero with your full name, DOB and the year you last sat exams.  It is a lengthy process to access the archives so please allow up to 28 days for a reply.



Late certification is no longer available, the exam boards have withdrawn this facility therefore it is imperative that you ensure you have cashed-in, in the qualifying year as exams which have terminal rules may mean that the marks gained will be lost.



Please check this page carefully to ensure that the information you need is not listed before you contact the very busy Exams Office. If the answer to your query is already listed you will be redirected back to the website.

The exams office can be contacted by email on exams@mhchs.org.uk.